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dh__challenge FAQ

If your question is not answered in the FAQs feel free to comment on this post and ask.

Okay, it's another Desprate Housewives graphics-related community? What's it about, and why should I join?
dh__challenge was created based on the original community alias_challenge. It was also created to give fans an outlet: here, you would get a challenge, but there's no contest and no voting, so members don't have be scared off by the idea of losing. Here, you make what you what (whatever you want), and post it for the community's viewing pleasure. We encourage feedback more than anything, but it's a good place to learn from your peers and get some great stuff!

Oh, so this comm is only for people who make graphics?
Absolutely not. Even if you're graphically-challenged, you can still be a member. Oftentimes, people post stuff for the taking, and more important, nearly EVERYONE wants feedback. You as a member can give just that, cause we all love, well, love. :)

Okay, I get it. Now if I do want to make graphics, what do I need to know?
Well, first off, be sure to read the Userinfo with all the rules (the rules are also posted in every challenge post as well). It looks like a lot, but it's there to make sure we all get along. Second, once a challenge is posted, start making stuff!!! Every challenge runs officially for two full weeks, and then a Hall of Fame is posted a week afterwards.

Wait a second...what's this Hall of Fame stuff? I thought there weren't any contests involved!!
There aren't. The hall of fame is the Moderator's Hall of Fame, where the moderator (that's me!) goes through every single post made for a challenge and picks her favorite graphic from the bunch (provided the poster put up more than one graphic, unless on the rare occasion the moderator just LOVES the one graphic and uses it anyway). She may not always pick the BEST thing you've made, but she'll pick her favorite, and explain why in her Hall of Fame post. And then later, contessa makes banners for everyone who's in the hall of fame, just for giggles, cause we all like banners.

Okay, so these are episodic challenges. What does that mean exactly?
It means that every two weeks, I will post a challenge based on a particular Desperate Housewives episode and give you links to screencaps. Then it's up to you to make what you want and post them.

Can I use graphics from other episodes?
Never, unless it's stated otherwise in the challenge post.

What if we've already DONE the episode I want to incorporate into the current challenge?.
Nope, never, and nada. :) Unless, of course, it's stated otherwise in the challenge post.

Okay, so I make a lot of graphics, and I prefer to post them in my journal and all at once. Is that allowed?

Yes, but there are a few guidelines I want people to follow:

1) Make sure you link DIRECTLY to the entry itself, not JUST your journal. This way, whenever someone stumbles upon your link in the dh__challenge community, they won't have to wade through all your entries to find the one they were looking for.

2) Make sure you mention in your post in your own LJ which graphics are challenge-related, and the episode. This will help the moderator when she's putting together the hall of fame.

3) If there's anything that can be construed as a spoiler, be sure to warn people. I'd personally prefer if challenge posts and current season icon posts are kept separate, but it's your journal, so do what you want. But please warn us, and remember, some people may not look at your spoiler-safe icons from the challenge if there's spoilery icons in the same post, so don't get mad if you don't get THAT many comments. :)

4) When linking to your LJ, just let us know in the post. It's just nice to do.

Okay, you mentioned the evil S-word. What constitutes a spoiler?
Anything from an episode that has not yet aired in the United States and/or anything from the current season period, as some countries are not viewing the same season as the US is. So basically, if you have ANY graphics are from the current season in the US, be sure to state that CLEARLY before you link people to your entry.

What about teasers? How many teaser icons/graphics am I allowed? When do I use an LJ-cut?
The rules state up to 3 icons and/or anything thumbnail-sized or smaller may be used as a preview. However, this rule is somewhat flexible, cause sometimes people only make, say, four icons, and it'd be silly to put one icon behind a cut. However, please be respectful and edit your post if you ever get a comment from a member telling you that the number of graphics outside the LJ cut (or number of graphics period, if you didn't use a cut) is killing their loading speed. Some people use modems, and we all need to respect that.

Use an LJ-cut when you have more than three icons in a post (unless it's just ONE more icon) and/or large graphics (f/o banners, headers, wallpapers, etc.).

Anything I need to say about what's behind the LJ-cut?
Always let people know what they're getting into. Number of icons, if there's lude content, large graphics, profanity, or if there's something considered spoilery.

Okay, what if I missed a challenge? Can I still post things from it?
Absolutely. Just because you miss the Hall of Fame DOESN'T mean you can't go back to old challenges and have a blast and post it. I encourage it whenever I can. :)

Can I post things from other fandoms, like in a teaser to link back to my own LJ?
All teaser icons must be dh__challenge-related. If you are linking to a multi-fandom post, though, let the members know.

Okay, I see something I REALLY like. Can I have it?
Follow the poster's rules. Don't take if it's not shareable.

If I have a question about how something was made, what do I do?
First, ask the icon maker. Then, if that doesn't pay off for some reason, check out the great memory section of icon_tutorial or icontutorials.

If I'm making something, or taking something, what do I need to know about crediting?
If you're taking something, follow the maker's rules. If you're posting stuff, let us know where you got your resources. Most of us just say there's a resource post in our own LJs for people to look at, and that's fine. If you want to be more specific, that's great. Always try, though, to credit the following things every time:

1) Where you got your screencaps.
2) Song lyrics and/or text that's not your own.

Anything else I need to know?
Other random details (like how to become an affiliate, where to find caps and other resources can be found in the user info. But the most important thing to remember, no matter what, is to HAVE FUN. :)

* copied from alias_challenge and edited for this community.
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